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Hellcat Historian

About the Author
Edward WaszakAfter World War II, Edward Waszak was honorably discharged from the Army. He continued his studies begun in ASTP, graduating with a degree in Chemical Engineering from Purdue University.

After a career spanning more than forty years, taking him from project engineer to the executive suite and around the world more times than he cared to count, Ed retired from corporate life in 1992. But this is no idle retirement. He is actively involved in the 12th Armored Division Association, the American Ex-Prisoner of War Organization and often gives talks at local grade schools about his experiences during World War II.

He lives outside of Chicago with his wife, Therese. They recently celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary with family and friends. They have three children and five grandchildren.  Ed can be reached at  Hellcat@iwriteinc.com.

Hellcat Historian by Edward Waszak Hellcat Historian 
Stories of World War II's 12th Armored Division

ISBN 1-933048-10-7
Softcover, 5" x 8", 124 pages

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A portion of the profits from the sale of this book will go to the 12th Armored Division Association to support their museum and their efforts to leave an accurate record of history.



About the Hellcats
Memories of the First Day
Operation Nordwind
ASTP and the 12th Armored Division
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The Tennessee Maneuvers
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About the Author


Back Cover Copy:

Who Were the Hellcats?

"The 12th Armored Division was activated on September 15, 1942 at Camp Campbell, Kentucky. Following training and maneuvers in Kentucky and Tennessee, the Division moved to Camp Barkeley, Texas, near Abilene in December 1943. On September 20, 1944 they sailed for England under the command of Maj. Gen. Roderick R. Allen.

"The New Year 1945 produced the bloodiest chapter in the 12th's combat history. At Herrlisheim, France ("Bloody Herrlisheim"), the Hellcats paid a terrific price for combat seasoning. The 12th was pitted against a numerically superior and well-entrenched enemy at the Gambsheim Bridgehead. The Division waged its only defensive battle of the war at Herrlisheim. The Hellcats thwarted repeated attempts by the Germans to break out of the Bridgehead and strike south toward Strasbourg. The Germans dubbed the 12th the 'Suicide Division'."

This book is a volume of personal memoir combined with historical research. The author juxtaposes what the average GI knew and experienced to the big picture being drawn by SHAEF—and he does it with the immediacy and emotion of an old friend telling you a great story.

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Hellcat Historian II by Edward Waszak Hellcat Historian II 
More Stories of World War II's 
12th Armored Division

ISBN 1-933048-32-8
Softcover, 5" x 8" 

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About the Author

"The defeat of Germany was quickened by the speed of the American Armor."
—Field Marshal Gerd Von Rundstedt

Not bad praise from the enemy. That statement typifies the action of the 12th Armored Division. Starting in early December 1944, the green Division made inroads into the Alsace countryside, crossing the Maginot Line and were proceeding toward the Rhine River. The troops were quickly learning the art of warfare, the tenacity of the enemy, and were exposed to the worst winter weather in the past fifty years.

The Division was bloodied at Herrlisheim, losing many tanks, tankers, armored infantrymen, combat engineers, and others. The Division was badly damaged (equipment and personnel), but the enemy sustained heavy losses and were stopped far short of their objectives. Strasbourg and Hagenau were spared recapture by the Germans and they only gained a few miles that were recovered in the following few weeks.

This second volume of personal memoir continues the thread begun in Hellcat Historian—stories from those who were there supplemented with research to put these young menís heroic actions into historical context.


To learn more about the history of the 12th Armored Division, visit their websites at:



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