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Maryll Frances Books
Mini MeditationsGratitude JournalMetamorphosis JournalMini Meditations: Quick Techniques for Slowing Down a Busy Mind
Gratitude Journal: 30 Days of Thankfulness 
Metamorphosis Journal: 30 Days of Life-Changing Choices

Sometimes you have to slow down your world to enhance your life. Maryll Frances books are written to help you do just that. Begin your journey breathing, thinking, thanking, and growing in the direction of the person you were meant to be. More information...

Hellcat History
Hellcat Historian Hellcat Historian IIHellcat Historian: Stories of World War II's 12th Armored Division
Hellcat Historian II: More Stores of World War II's 12th Armored Division
Hellcat Heroes: Personal Stories of World War II's 12th Armored Division

These books are personal memoir combined with historical research. The author juxtaposes what the average GI knew and experienced to the big picture being drawn by SHAEF—and he does it with the immediacy and emotion of an old friend telling you a great story. 

Available in print and Kindle formats at and nook format at  More information and book links...


Catholic Book Publishers
A Guide to Catholic Book PublishersWhether you are an author looking for the right publisher, an editor or other publishing professional trying to contact the right person to buy your services, or a reader searching for the books you love, A Guide to Catholic Book Publishers puts that information at your fingertips.

A Guide to Catholic Book Publishers will save you hours of research time and may even open up publishing opportunities you never knew existed.
Available in Kindle and nook formats. 

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